ECU Reprogramming

Putting the ECU in programming mode

There are several possible methods to get the ECU into reprogramming mode. The one you need to use will depend on what application software is already programmed to the ECU.

  1. If the application has both a CCP Configuration and a CAN Configuration block, then it should be able to be reprogrammed at any time by sending the reprogramming command from a CCP tool.

  2. If the application does not have CCP Configuration and CAN Configuration blocks, then you have to use the FEPS pin to put the ECU into programming mode.

  3. If your application has a CCP Inhibit Reprogramming block, then the application may require certain conditions to be met before CCP reprogramming is enabled. If you need to bypass this, you can use the FEPS pin to put a module in reprogramming mode.

  4. It is possible that an application software with an error can successfully enter application mode then cause a software reset, but not so quickly as to trigger the excessive reset handler to force the module into reprogramming mode. In this situation, the module will require FEPS to force reprogramming mode.


Large vs. Small Image Files

When an OpenECU model is compiled, it will generate a large and a small image file (<model_name>_image_large.s37 .hex, <model_name>_image_small.s37 .hex).

Functionally, the 2 software images are identical. However differences in the unused memory portions may affect the checksums, which can cause an error after reprogramming. It is generally recommended to use the small image file, especially when using CANape to reprogram the ECU.

Programming Tools

OpenECU can be reprogrammed via CCP with any of the tools listed below. The OpenECU user guide explains how to set up each tool for programming an ECU. Each calibration / programming tool uses a slightly different format for the .a2l file. The build options allow the correct format to be generated for each of the supported tools.

Running the Application

Once the application is programmed the ECU will remain in reprogramming mode. It can be reprogrammed many times with various applications.

The ECU supply must be power-cycled to leave programming mode and switch back into application mode.

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