Data Dictionaries

A data dictionary is a file which holds information about the variables you have set up in your design model that you will want to inspect on the physical system with the calibration tool.

Selecting A Data Dictionary Format

There are 2 types of data dictionaries that can be used with OpenECU:

  1. Tab delimited text using a format defined by OpenECU

  2. Simulink data dictionary (.sldd), defined by MATLAB and available with R2015a and later

Text based data dictionaries can be separated into many different files to correspond to the architecture of your model. The files can be edited with any text editor or with Microsoft Excel, and revisions can be compared and merged with any diff tool.

Simulink data dictionaries must be managed within Simulink or MATLAB. These files are stored in a proprietary binary format that cannot be opened outside of MATLAB. Simulink has a Comparison Tool that can be used for comparing and merging changes to data dictionaries.

More Information

For more information about OpenECU text based data dictionaries:

For more information about Simulink data dictionaries:

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