5.1.105. SPI communication fault count (psp_FaultCount)

Interface to read the number of SPI transmit errors on a given device since initialisation. Supported targets

M670-000 Required license

None (Main library). (See Section 2.3, “Licensed Features”.) Description

Certain SPI devices support the ability to validate their communication with the main processor. If a fault occurs in the communication, the platform will track the error. This block allows the number of detected errors to be reported to the application. Inports

  • sim_count

    Only used under simulation when the parameter Provide simulation input? is ticked. The outport count is written using the value of this inport.

    Range: [0, 255] counts.

    Value type:Real
    Calibratable:No Outports

  • count

    The number of SPI faults reported for the specified device.

    Range: [0, 255] counts.

    Value type:Real
    Calibratable:No Mask parameters

  • Device

    The SPI device for which to read the fault count.

    Value type:List
  • Sample time

    The periodicity of the block execution.

    Range: [0.001, 3600] seconds

    Value type:Real
  • Provide simulation input?

    Tick to enable inport sim_count.

    Value type:Boolean
    Calibratable:No Notes

The counter Value will saturate at 255. This value is only cleared by resetting the ECU.