8.2.5. Naming rules

The OpenECU project makes use of a naming convention to help make names and variables more readily understandable by humans. It is required that you adhere to this convention in your own models to make them consistently comprehensive to anyone else who may use your model (and to the Pi support engineers, should you need to talk to them about your design).

All names consist of a prefix, a descriptive body, and an optional suffix, separated by underscore characters:

The prefix consists of three or four lower case letters, these being:

The item type letter is as follows:

Table 8.1. Variable naming convention

Named item typeType letter
Displayable signals(no type letter)
Constant scalarsk
Calibration scalarsc
Calibration mapsm
Local variablesl
Subsystems(task rate code)

Subsystem task rate codes are defined on a per-project basis.

The following conventions should be adhered to when designing variable names: