4.3. Simulink and OpenECU

The OpenECU blockset provides varied access to the features of both Simulink and the target ECU. The OpenECU blockset includes a real-time operating system, methods to measure input quantities from ECU pins and internal ECU signals, methods to receive and transmit CAN messages, and a host of other functions. See Section 4.6, “OpenECU blockset features” for details.

The OpenECU blockset works with most Simulink and RTW features. However, there are a small number of restrictions. For instance, the OpenECU blockset is a discrete blockset and does not work with continuous time blocks. See Section 4.3.1, “Block use restrictions” for details.

The OpenECU blockset provides a number of additional RTW options. These options include setting the application stack size, controlling what binary files are created at the end of a build, through to selecting which compiler to use. See Section 4.3.4, “Configuration options” for details.

The OpenECU blockset works with RTW's auto-coders: Generic Real-Time (GRT) and Embedded Coder (EC). The blockset provides mechanisms to create configuration sets (which are sets of parameters which tell RTW how to generate code) for each of the auto-coders, and some utility blocks to quickly switch between configuration sets. See Section 4.3.2, “Auto-coders” for details.