SLX file format

Starting in MATLAB version R2012b, SLX is the default file format for Simulink models.

Can SLX file format be used with OpenECU?

While Mathworks encourage use of the format, Pi Innovo have not yet officially added support for it.

However, Some OpenECU customers have reported using it successfully.

On MATLAB versions newer than R2012b, you will get this warning in the Simulink Library Browser:

Some libraries are missing repository information. Fix

Clicking the "Fix" link in the message gives you the following options:


Resave libraries in SLX file format: this will save the highest level library blocks plat_lib.mdl and plat_lib_ext_diag.mdl as .slx files. The underlying linked library models will not be affected.

Generate repositories in memory: this will update the repository browser for the current Matlab session, but does not change any files. This will have to be done each time Matlab is restarted.

Skip (libraries will not be viewable): doesn't display the OpenECU library blocks in the browser. To use the library blocks, you have to open them by browsing to OE_INSTALL_PATH/openecu/model.

Any of these 3 options are OK to select, and should not affect the functionality of the models or the generated code.

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