Model Naming Restrictions

Simulink model names must be <= 22 characters long. Longer model names will cause a compile error similar to this:

Error (dcc:1173): compiler out of sync. Probably missing ‘;’ or ‘}’

If your model has already been created, there are a few more steps you will need to do to make your model work with the new name:

  1. rename <model-name>.mdl to <new-model-name>.mdl

  2. rename <model-name>_bl.m to <new-model-name>_bl.m

  3. rename <model-name>_units.txt to <new-model-name>_units.txt

  4. open up <new-model-name>.slx (or .mdl) and go to the menu: File > Model Properties > Model Properties > Callbacks

  5. set the value of "PreLoadFcn" to "openecu_make_rtw_hook('model_load', '<new-model-name>')"

  6. set the value of "PostLoadFcn" to "openecu_make_rtw_hook('model_loaded', '<new-model-name>')"

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