MATLAB Connector Error

If you get an error such as the following when starting your model:

Error using connector.ensureServiceOn
Error starting MATLAB Connector. Please check that port 31515 is available.

Error in slmsgviewer

Error in slmsgviewer/PersistentInstance

Error in slmsgviewer.processRecord

Error in oe_clear_build_list (line 31)
      disp('Clearing previously loaded build list.');

Error in oe_read_build_list (line 77)

Error in oe_make_rtw_hook (line 152)

Error in openecu_make_rtw_hook (line 6)
    [restored, hModel] = oe_make_rtw_hook(makeRTWHookMethod, ...

Error in openmdl (line 12)
    evalin('base', ['open_system(''' strrep(filename, '''','''''') ''');'] );

Error in open (line 158)

Error in uiopen (line 167)

This is an issue with the MATLAB configuration. It can be fixed with the following:

  1. Set the Enviornment Variable: JAVA_TOOL_OPTION to

  2. Reset the computer to enable the change

More Details can be found at the Mathworks help forums.

This did not fix my problem.

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