Model Referencing

OpenECU provides limited support for model referencing.

In the Configuration Options, there are parameters for the OpenECU target settings which are stored in the Configuration Set of the model. These parameters can be modified using the Model Identification block in the top level model and then propogated to each reference model by either

  1. Clicking the “Propogate settings to Model References” button on the OpenECU target settings tab of the Real-Time Workshop Configuration Parameters menu.
  2. Running the MATLAB script oe_propogate_target_settings(bdroot).

OpenECU blocks can be used in library blocks. It is common to separate a Simulink model into components using Library models, which are then linked into the main model. This can cause some problems if there are OpenECU blocks in the library files. When the model initializes (when it's opened), the OpenECU blocks look for the Model Identification block. This is needed by some blocks in order to populate the dropdown menu options (typically I/O blocks which have a channel selection based on the type of ECU). If the Model Identification block cannot be found, then the dropdown menu will be populated with all of the options, which can cause the selected channel to be changed.

see also Channel Selection Changed

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