Q. My M560/M580 does not revert to custom UDS CAN IDs as defined in the application, when the application is erased or invalid.


The OpenECU platform allows applications to configure custom reprogramming settings. These settings include CCP and UDS reprograming ID’s and seed-key security algorithms. When an application that has these settings configured is flashed to the ECU, the settings are stored in non-volatile memory and should be retained even if the application becomes invalid or gets erased.


On the products listed in the following link https://www.pi-innovo.com/download/m560-and-m580-ccp-and-uds-setting-erratum/, if the application is erased or becomes invalid, the ECU will revert to the default reprogramming settings not the application settings. The default firmware settings are listed below:

*Functional request ID: 0x7DF
*Physical request ID: 0x7E0
*Physical response ID: 0x7E8

*CRO: 1785 (0x6f9)
*DTO: 1784 (0x6f8)
*Station address: 0

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